Pasta production machines and equipment for the professional and home chefs.

New and antique meat slicers. 80+ year old Berkels restored to professional condition.

Authentic pasta machine parts from Italy for the Imperia and La Monferrina pasta machines.

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Prosciutto Lovers Unite

Berkel Meat Slicer

If Wilhelm Van Berkel never invented the meat slicer, would we still have prosciutto?

Berkel invented the meat slicer in Holland in 1898, and its design was so revolutionary that it quickly carried across the globe. The invention…

The Stamps Of A Nation

Pasta Dies

No one knows for sure just how long Italians have been making pasta. There are a hundred different names for every shape, and almost as many ways of producing them. Busiata, an early form of spaghetti, was made by rolling dough around a reed….